The Disadvantages of Working as a Nurse in Dubai

If you came from a western country, living in Dubai will be a new cultural experience for you. There is a long list of cultural differences that you will come face to face with.

Different Culture

The official religion in Dubai is Islam, and majority of locals are strictly following the islamic teachings. Even though it is a modern and developed city, if you are a resident of the UAE you also need to obey to the local rules. One of the rules is modest dress code. If you are a lady, you don’t need to wear headscarf as in Saudi Arabia, however do cover your cleavage, shoulders and legs above the knees. This may feel at times restricting, taking into consideration the hot weather. Don’t despair, in the accommodation campuses it’s more relaxed.  

If you are planning to visit religious places such as mosques, you will be expected to cover your arms, legs and hair. If you are heading for a beech it is common and acceptable to wear a swimsuit on the beach or near swimming pool.

Although the law in UAE are based on british law, it is influenced by islamic ruling. The most difficult, perhaps for anyone coming from more liberal countries, is the fact that the relationship outside marriage is illegal. This applies not only for residents but also for tourist staying in fancy 5 star hotels. Unmarried couples are not allowed to share a hotel room, neither to go on a romantic trip or dinner, if there are just the two of them. Displaying affection in public between couples whether they are married or not is another no no. However, it is just about acceptable for a married couple to hold hands. 

Walking around the city is not a common practice. You will hardly ever see people going for walk, jogging or sight seeing around the city. People use taxi’s to get from place A to place B. It may be shocking for those who are used to take a walk to their local supermarket to get a quick shopping done for an evening meal.

A few years ago the public transport was almost non existent, however different options of public transport are expanding now with the use of metro/underground, buses, tram and boat service.

It may come as a surprise, that the official rest day in Dubai is Friday. Most businesses are closed on Fridays and Saturdays and resume working week on Sundays. Some companies have only Fridays off and the working days are from Saturday to Thursday.

Language Barrier

Arabic is the official language in Dubai and if you are not very good at it yet, there is no need to panic. You would be pleased to know that English is the next most used language in this fantastic city. You will also find that all the staff employed in the hospitals communicate in English.

Most of the younger locals can understand and speak English. It may be frustrating in the beginning when you realise, that none of the elderly patients speak English, only Arabic. As a nurse, you will be expected after some time working in Dubai, to have a working knowledge of Arabic, in order to interact with patients. There are many courses to choose from to learn basic arabic language for nurses in a short space time. If you are a fast and keen learner, you may just give it a try and learn it on the job.

Living and working in a hot climate

You may love a hot climate and perhaps rainy weather was the main reason that you wanted to relocate to Dubai. If you are used to living in a mild conditions, being somewhere hot, where the daily temperature reaches up to 41 C or 106 F on most days, could feel overwhelming.

It is ok to come on a holiday for a few weeks, but it is another story to live and work here permanently. You will be required to work 48 hours per week, therefore, you will spend most of your time indoors. When you are out and about, the heat drains your energy and you may feel tired and lethargic. Make sure to drink plenty of water and if going outside put a good layer of sunblock on, your skin may get easily burned on the strong sun.

If after reading all the advantages and disadvantages of working in Dubai you are still convinced that’s where you like to be, it’s time to find out about the next step. Getting all the formalities sorted so you can start working as a nurse in Dubai as soon as possible. We can send you and alert when a new job of your choice become available. Just register for our mailing alert stating the speciality that you are expert in and we will be in tough.

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