The Advantages of Working as a Nurse in Dubai

You may be fed up of leaving in your current city and working as a nurse. The nurse’s salary is significantly lower than other professionals in most of the countries. You may be working overtime and still live from paycheck to paycheck. You may not like the rainy, cold weather where you are at the moment. You may be stuck in your job for years without any career progression. Your spouse or your friends may be already working in Dubai and you wish to join them there. Or your  paid holiday may not be sufficiently long for your needs. There are many benefits of working as a nurse in Dubai.

Patients in Dubai Need to Follow Strict Rules

One of the advantages to work in Dubai is that the patients and relatives have strict rules to adhere to. Dubai Health Authority set the following responsibilities for patients and their relatives: They need to respect the Health Center’s rules and regulations, show consideration for others and deal with other patients and staff with respect, follow the treating doctor’s instructions as well as hold the responsibility for refusing or not following the treatment plan, after being informed of consequences. These rules makes caring for patients much easier. Everyone knows their responsibilities, which make the health care provider’s life much easier.

Nursing Salary in Dubai

Working in Dubai is not the same as working in any other city round the world, your salary will not only depend on your qualifications, experience, speciality, employment history but also nationality and negotiation skills. The average salary for a registered nurse is around AED 96,000 per year. This is currently around $26,000 or £20,000. If you are specialised nurse, for example adult intensive care, neonatal intensive care or operating room nurse your salary will be slightly higher. You should earn approximately AED 116,000 ($31,000, £24,000) per year. If you have managerial experience and able to lead a team, you can earn up to AED 180 000 ($49,000, £37,000) as a charge nurse.

Tax Free Income

This salary may not be as high as you may have expected if you are coming from the western hemisphere. However, the good news is, you will not be charged income tax! This applies only if you are a resident in Dubai, which is highly likely, considering you will be working working as a full time nurse. This means that no tax will be deducted from your earnings. Keep in mind that if you stay out of Dubai, in another country for more than 6 months a year, you may be considered a resident of that country, not Dubai. In that case you may be subject to taxation of the country where you spent most of the year. If you rent out a property that you own in another country, that income will most certainly be taxed in that country even though you live in Dubai. As each case is different, seek tax advice in the country where you have your other income, to avoid nasty surprises when you return back. 

Free Housing or Housing Allowances for Nurses

If you are coming to work in Dubai as a nurse, you’ll be amazed what the hospitals are willing to do to have you as their employee. To make moving to Dubai easier and worthwhile for you, the hospitals give you relocation incentives.

You will be offered a free housing that is suitable for single employees. The accommodation is usually located in compounds, a private complex where all the hospital employees reside. The traveling from and to the hospital and shopping facilities are free and arranged by the hospital.

If you are relocating to Dubai with your family, you will be offered generous housing allowance. This means that, on the top of your salary, you will receive money to pay for accomodation chosen by you to suit your family needs.

Free Insurance and Educational Allowance for Parents

If this is not convincing enough to help you to make up your mind to work in Dubai as a nurse, read this; you will get free health, life and dental insurance. If you are qualified you will also receive disability benefits. The education is not free for children of parents who are expat, therefore the hospital will provide educational allowance for people with kids.

Traveling and Vacation

The amount of your vacation will depend on how long you have been employed in Dubai. Ater working there for 6 months you will receive 2 days of annual leave per month, this will be 12 days in total between 6 to 12 months from the start date. After one year of service will will have 30 days of leave per annum. You should also receive 11 days paid leave of public holidays in UAE, making it total of 41 paid days. Your employer will provide travel allowances which is basically a free flight to your home country once a year as well.

Promotions and Future Career

If you show that you are a hardworking and committed member of the multidisciplinary team, you will be rewarded. As the turnover of the nursing staff in Dubai is significantly high, any employer appreciate and value nurses that stay for number of years.

One of Dubai Health Authority’s ambitious strategic programs is workforce and medical education. This program aims to attract, retain, and develop the healthcare workforce for the emirate of Dubai. Simultaneously, the program aims to further strengthen the national healthcare workforce by providing them a world class medical education.

The hospitals in Dubai are all committed to deliver a high standard of care. In line with this ethos, they provide training to their staff, so they are up to date with recent development and evidence based practices. Dubai Health Authority strive to develop their nursing workforce into leadership and managerial roles and provide a training program that covers all required skills and knowledge to be able to take on this responsibility. 

Gratuity pay

Gratuity pay is an end of service benefit equivalent of pension scheme in other countries. It is a lump sum of money that your employer will give you as a thank you for working for them. The amount of gratuity pay will depend on the number of years you were in service, whether your contract was permanent or temporary, and if you have resigned or your contract was terminated by your employer. You are only entitled to this benefit if you were employed for more than 12 months.

If you remained in your position from 1 to 5 years you will receive 21 days of your recent pay for each year of service. This is basic pay, excluding all allowances such as housing or traveling allowances. Let’s say you were working as a staff nurse for 4 years, if you decide to leave you should receive around AED 22,000, making this at present around $6,000.

If you remained in your position for 10 years you will receive 21 days pay for the first 5 years and 30 days pay for each year onwards. Therefore AED 27,000 for the first 5 years and AED 40,000 for the next 5 years, making it total AED 67,000 or $18,000.

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